A program director (game master) is appointed to build Quagga Island climate neutral. McBiggey, a consultancy firm, calculated that the island cannot be climate neutral sooner than 2073. It is up to the participants to proof them wrong!

In one of the five roles (suppliers, industry, population, tourism or government), you will build Quagga Island, using climate neutrality as the guiding principle. Down below you will find more information about the different roles in the game.


Besides being an important employer, the government is a catalyst of democracy, transparency, and innovation. It stimulates the energy transition by setting the good example.


30.000 people received a residence permit and are allowed to live on the island. Every needed profession and age categories are represented on the island. The population aims for a sustainable and healthy living environment.



Tourism is an important source of income on Quagga Island. Annually, one million people will spend their holidays at hotels, campsites and ecolodges.




Quagga Island is quite deserted from the civilized world. Much of the Island’s needed goods are imported by suppliers. Airports and harbors are of crucial importance.


The industry owns every energy and waste plant on Quagga Island. Also, they maintain the underground and surface infrastructure. The contractors are of crucial importance in building this Island.