The game

Introduction: the quagga is spotted again!

The quagga is a plains zebra that used to live in South Africa. The animal looked a bit odd: it only had stripes on the front half of its body. Sadly, the last specimen of this animal died in the Artis zoo in Amsterdam in 1883. But there is good news: the quagga has been spotted again on a tropical island! To celebrate, the animal’s home has been named Quagga Island. 

Quagga Island is a business simulation game about circular economy, based on the climate law principles.

What are you going to do?

Rebuild Quagga Island, that was once destroyed by natural disasters. Five roles with contradicting interests are rebuilding this island using climate neutrality as the guiding principle.

Circular Economy, energy neutrality, Carbon-neutrality, wasteless… How can you realise this? How do you deal with the different viewpoints of various stakeholders, and what decisions will you make to reach climate neutrality together? Five rounds, full of competition, tension and cooperation! What year will your Quagga Island become climate neutral?

Firm of the Future

As Firm of the Future, we help organisations become future-proof. Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges. Companies struggle on what this includes and how to get there. By playing Quagga Island, participants will experience what is needed to reach their goals.

The game can be played by contacting Firm of the Future. The game can be played in either 3 or 5 hours. The game can be played with a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 15 (no more than 3 players per role). Interested? During office hours, you can reach us on  026 213 65 50 or send an email to