Climate Game Quagga Island

Quagga Island is the game to experience what the climate law means, in which not only the challenges, but also the solutions can be found. At the climate tables, you will be playing as one out of the five roles (population, government, tourism, industry, suppliers) on CO2-reduction, energy transistion, circulair economy and employment. Finding the right balance between lineair and circular economy. Which compromises will you make and will you maintain your position?

The story

Quagga Island deserves its’ name to the Quagga living on the island. A tsunami laid waste to Quagga Island, leaving destruction in its wake. The island is being rebuilt into a climate-neutral society. A programme director (game master) has been appointed. In five rounds, five parties (government, suppliers, industry, population and tourism) will design the island to be climate neutral.

Quagga Island rollenThe goal

The purpose of the Quagga Island game is to create a climate-neutral island without going bankrupt. Prosperity, democracy, equal opportunities and ongoing employment are the key focus areas here. In this case, climate-neutral means CO2 neutral, energy neutral and zero waste… However, money must be earned!

Reach the top of the climate ladder!

What year will your Quagga Island become climate neutral? In addition to your individual team score, there will also be a score for your organisation. That score is the year in which your organisation can reach climate neutrality based on the choices you make. The sooner your Island becomes climate neutral, the higher your team will end up on the climate ladder! Find all climate ladder scores on our website.

Experience and discover

Firm of the Future developed the Quagga Island game to increase awareness about the urgency on CO2-reduction, waste reduction, renewable energy and nature conservation, to keep climate change in control. In addition, the players will experience how challenging it is to make climate-neutral decisions on governmental level, at which every party agrees upon.